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July 03, 2023

Russia Suppressing Dissent: Surveillance Supply Chain (link)

  1. Russia is creating a surveillance industry to suppress domestic opposition.
  2. Surveillance tech gives police access to track online lives of citizens.
  3. Technology is used to control political power.
  4. Companies are owned by sanctioned oligarchs.
  5. Surveillance tools can identify encrypted app usage and track relationships.

North Carolina GOP's Voting Fight: 2024 Showdown (link)

  1. North Carolina has become a battleground state in recent elections.
  2. Republicans have taken control of the state legislature and Supreme Court.
  3. GOP is pushing for voting restrictions and control of elections.
  4. Democrats are aiming to recapture the state in 2024.
  5. North Carolina has a history of voting discrimination.

Adversity Scores: Can U.C. Davis' Tool Help Diversify Medical Schools Nationally? (link)

  1. U.C. Davis medical school developed an S.E.D. scale to evaluate applicants.
  2. Admissions decisions based on S.E.D. score and other criteria.
  3. U.C. Davis is one of the most diverse medical schools.
  4. Supreme Court ruling against race-conscious admissions.
  5. Over half of medical students from top 20% of income.

Exploring the Titanic: The Final Hours of the Titan Submersible (link)

  1. Five voyagers climbed into the Titan submersible to explore the Titanic.
  2. Titan lost communication 1 hour 45 minutes into the dive.
  3. The crew included Paul-Henri Nargeolet, Hamish Harding, and Stockton Rush.
  4. Rush was the founder and CEO of OceanGate and the pilot of the Titan.
  5. The Titan likely imploded, instantly killing everyone on board.

Yellen's First Trip to Beijing: Easing Tensions (link)

  1. Yellen's first trip to Beijing as Treasury Secretary.
  2. Aim to ease tensions between US and China.
  3. US trying to limit China's access to tech.
  4. Yellen to discuss global challenges and mutual areas of concern.
  5. Yellen to raise objections to Chinese ban on Micron.

Are Mathematicians Ready for AI? (link)

  1. Euclid's treatise on geometry was the paradigm of mathematical argumentation for 2000 years.
  2. 20th century mathematicians developed formal systems for precise symbolic representations.
  3. AI predicted to match or exceed problem-solving ability of best mathematicians by 2026.
  4. Mathematicians and computer scientists discussing potential of machine-assisted proofs.
  5. AI can help optimize lives with diet, sleep, exercise.

Iā€™m not celebrating,ā€™ā€ he said.No Sparklers for Some Americans (link)

  1. Some Americans are conflicted about celebrating the Fourth of July.
  2. Fireworks can be a source of anxiety and environmental harm.
  3. Many Americans are rethinking whether to celebrate the holiday.
  4. Logistical and political issues can make celebrating difficult.
  5. The holiday is no longer a unifying, communal day.

Baltimore Shooting Leaves 2 Dead, 28 Injured (link)

  1. At least two people died and 28 others were injured in a shooting at a block party.
  2. Victims were between 13 and 32 years old.
  3. Mayor called for better accountability and for witnesses to contact law enforcement instead of posting videos.
  4. Baltimore has recorded more than 300 homicides for 8 consecutive years.
  5. Shell casings and debris from the party were found at the scene.

15-Year-Old Killed in Harlem Park (link)

  1. 15-year-old boy killed near basketball courts in Riverbank State Park. 5 shots heard.
  2. Boy shot in chest and leg, rushed to hospital, but could not be saved.
  3. Unclear if targeted or caught in crossfire.
  4. Riverbank Park an urban oasis with playground, basketball court, swimming pool, etc.
  5. 464 shootings in NYC this year, 543 people shot.

NASCAR in Chicago: A Risky Union (link)

  1. NASCAR and Chicago partnered for a lakefront ceremony.
  2. NASCAR drivers raced up to 140 mph on city streets.
  3. Rain cancelled The Chainsmokers and Miranda Lambert.
  4. Streets were closed for days, disrupting commutes.
  5. Some Chicagoans declared the race a miscalculation.

Andy Murray: Can He Recapture Wimbledon Magic? (link)

  1. Andy Murray won Wimbledon men's singles title in 2013 and 2016.
  2. Murray's training includes physiotherapy, grass court and gym.
  3. Murray is a husband, father, entrepreneur and OBE.
  4. Murray regrets his 20s when he trained too hard.
  5. Murray is a mentor to British tennis stars and Russian phenom.

We All Deserved Better: Revisiting Bridget Jones 25 Years Later (link)

  1. Bridget Jones's Diary celebrated 25th anniversary in US.
  2. Bridget Jones is a single, 30-something London woman.
  3. Book spawned 3 follow-up novels, 3 movies and new vocabulary.
  4. Book was a juggernaut and celebrated for its humor in 1998.
  5. Book helped start important conversations for women.

Biden Takes Aim at Trump's Economic Strength (link)

  1. Trump ran on economic promises in 2016.
  2. Trump had economic successes during his presidency.
  3. Biden is defining his economic policies as a break from past administrations.
  4. Biden is aiming to restore public investment and reduce industry concentration.
  5. Biden is trying to counter Trump's economic strength for 2024.

Stepping Up: Employers and Affirmative Action (link)

  1. 82 major employers support race-conscious policies in college admissions.
  2. Corporate reliance on college diversity and preparation.
  3. California ban on affirmative action caused diversity decrease.
  4. Supreme Court ban on race in college admissions.
  5. Corporate financial power needed to help colleges level the field.

A.G.I.-ism: Neoliberalism's Hipper Ally (link)

  1. 350 tech executives, researchers and academics warn of AI risks.
  2. Biden urges responsible AI innovation.
  3. AI lobby promotes AI as inevitable and beneficial.
  4. AI risks are political, not technological.
  5. AI could turbocharge economy and augment intelligence.

Jersey Boy Takes On Florida Man (link)

  1. Chris Christie offered to help prep Donald Trump for the debate.
  2. Christie and Trump have known each other for decades.
  3. Trump has boasted he may not show up for the debate.
  4. Christie believes Trump won't miss the debate due to his ego.
  5. Christie is the ultimate Jersey guy and has a "work in progress" relationship with Bruce Springsteen.

Russian Photographer Accused of Spying in Albania (link)

  1. Three urban explorers arrested in Albania on suspicion of espionage.
  2. Svetlana Timofeyeva is a Russian photographer and one of the three arrested.
  3. Accusations stem from geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine.
  4. All three are barred from leaving Albania until charges are dropped.
  5. They were exploring an abandoned arms factory and deny spying.

Israel Launches Assault on West Bank City (link)

  1. Israeli military launched an assault in Jenin, West Bank.
  2. Aims to counter terrorism and strike "terrorist infrastructure".
  3. At least 4 Palestinians killed in opening strikes.
  4. Israeli raid in Jenin on June 19 resulted in 5 Palestinian deaths.
  5. 140 Palestinian deaths in West Bank in past 6 months.

Rugged Individualism? (link

  1. Territory Day is celebrated on July 1 in Northern Territory, Australia.
  2. Fireworks are legal to use without a permit.
  3. It was once a version of Guy Fawkes Day, but changed to honor self-governance.
  4. Firefighters put out nearly 100 wildfires related to Territory Day.
  5. A man lost an arm due to a steel pipe explosion.

Roller Coaster Shutdown: Crack Spotted (link

  1. Visitor spotted large crack in roller coaster pillar.
  2. Carowinds amusement park closed ride for repairs.
  3. Fury 325 is one of tallest roller coasters in North America.
  4. North Carolina Department of Labor to investigate.
  5. Carowinds remains open while repairs are made.

John Early: Now More Than Ever - Delirious Comedy Stand-Up (link

  1. John Early mixes cringe comedy and cabaret in his Max special "Now More Than Ever".
  2. Early is a triple threat in old-school and comedy senses.
  3. His comedic persona is literate and satirical.
  4. His comedy mixes broad subjects and rarefied references.
  5. His comedy is a mix of swagger, gusto and bookish alertness.