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July 04, 2023
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Putin Strengthens Security After Rebellion (link)

  1. Putin works out of multiple offices to avoid revealing his location.
  2. Putin is focused on personal security and preventing rivals from using powers against him.
  3. After failed rebellion, Putin has rewarded loyalty and given cash to security forces.
  4. Putin has avoided large-scale purges to avoid destabilizing his system.
  5. Putin has empowered a patchwork security apparatus of different interests.

Brutal Attack on Human Rights Advocate Elena Milashina (link)

  1. Elena Milashina and Alexander Nemov were beaten in Chechnya.
  2. Milashina suffered brain injuries and broken fingers.
  3. Nemov was stabbed in the leg.
  4. Attackers doused Milashina in liquid iodine.
  5. Russian officials called for investigation.

Drone Attack on Moscow Region Intercepted (link)

  1. Several drones intercepted near Moscow.
  2. Attack aimed at New Moscow and Moscow region.
  3. Flights to Vnukovo Airport diverted.
  4. Russian Defense Ministry shot down 5 drones.
  5. May 3 and May 30 drone attacks linked to Ukraine.

Navigating US-China Relations: Yellen's Trip (link)

  1. US and China have mutual skepticism over economic and security issues.
  2. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen visits China to improve communication.
  3. Biden administration restricts China's access to technology.
  4. US and China tensions remain high over trade and investment restrictions.
  5. Biden administration considering further controls on US investment in China.

Staging School Plays: Political Drama (link)

  1. School plays are a battleground for political and cultural divisions.
  2. Right-leaning parents and school officials are objecting to content.
  3. Teachers are facing growing scrutiny of show selections.
  4. Educational Theater Association survey found 67% of teachers affected by censorship.
  5. Examples of objections from both right and left-leaning groups.

Gluttony and Glory: The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest (link)

  1. 4th of July holiday tradition: Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.
  2. Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo defend titles, world records of 76 and 48.5 hot dogs.
  3. Thousands of spectators, foam hot dog hats.
  4. Humanly possible to eat 83 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
  5. Contest overseen by Major League Eating.

Drones and Lasers: A Safer July 4? (link)

  1. Fireworks on July 4 are a beloved tradition.
  2. Drones, lasers, and other alternatives are being used to reduce air pollution.
  3. Fireworks cause a spike in particulate matter air pollution.
  4. N95 masks can protect from smoke and air pollution.
  5. Air pollution levels can rise up to 370% during fireworks.

Watch July 4 Fireworks in NYC (link)

  1. 47th annual Macy's Fourth of July celebration with 60,000 shells.
  2. Official viewing locations in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.
  3. Musical performances by U.S. Army Field Band and others.
  4. Fireworks display televised live on NBC and Peacock.
  5. Alternative firework displays in Coney Island, Staten Island and Jersey City.

Five Victims in Deadly Philadelphia Shooting (link)

  1. Five victims found in southwest Philadelphia shooting.
  2. Two children injured, aged 2 and 13.
  3. Suspect arrested with semiautomatic rifle, handgun and scanner.
  4. Over 50 spent shell casings found.
  5. 343 incidents of four or more people injured/killed in US this year.

Rethinking Big Gatherings After Gun Violence (link)

  1. Americans increasingly fear gun violence at public events.
  2. 1 year anniversary of a mass shooting at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, IL.
  3. Increased security measures at 4th of July events in Chicago suburbs.
  4. 2 people killed and 28 injured in a shooting at a Baltimore block party.
  5. Americans view gun violence as a growing threat.

@D_B_TaylorFatal Shooting at Fort Worth 4th of July Party (link)

  1. Three people killed and eight injured in Fort Worth shooting.
  2. Occurred just before midnight in Como neighborhood.
  3. Police investigating, no arrests yet.
  4. Shooter(s) unknown, gang/domestic dispute unclear.
  5. Nervousness about attending big public events this year.

Biden's Balancing Act on Social Issues (link)

  1. Biden avoids battles over social issues.
  2. Biden does not use progressive terminology.
  3. Biden is not vulnerable to social issues in general election.
  4. Biden's age helps insulate him from cultural attacks.
  5. Biden has been on the forefront of recognizing transgender rights.

GOP Divided Over Impeaching Biden (link)

  1. Republicans are divided over impeaching President Biden.
  2. Speaker McCarthy attempted to quell calls for action from the hard right.
  3. Rank-and-file Republicans from competitive districts oppose impeaching Mayorkas.
  4. Focus on Biden's border policies is not the best place to build an impeachment case.
  5. McCarthy has pushed back on efforts to impeach Biden without a good reason.

No Trump on July 4th: GOP Hopefuls Take the Trail (link)

  1. Trump will not be participating in July 4th parades.
  2. Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, and other hopefuls will be campaigning.
  3. Iowa and New Hampshire voters have traditionally demanded personal attention from candidates.
  4. Trump will be spending the day with family.
  5. Biden will host military families and the NEA.

Tit-for-Tat Violence: Tel Aviv Car-Ramming and Jenin Incursion (link)

  1. Israeli military incursion into Jenin, West Bank.
  2. 8 wounded in car-ramming and stabbing attack in Tel Aviv.
  3. Palestinian death toll in Jenin rises to 10.
  4. Attack in Tel Aviv praised by Hamas.
  5. Israeli police chief: "Motivation for attacks will rise."

Israel's Raid in Jenin: Photos (link)

  1. Israeli military incursion into Jenin refugee camp in West Bank.
  2. Aimed at rooting out militants after months of violence.
  3. 140 Palestinians killed in West Bank in 6 months.
  4. 24 Israelis killed in Arab attacks in same period.
  5. Clashes with Israeli soldiers, drones, armored vehicles.

Unlocking Flexibility: Overcoming Roadblocks to Building Transformation (link)

  1. Zoning codes have grown complex and prescriptive.
  2. Speed bumps like environmental reviews and public meetings are used to protect narrow interests.
  3. Buildings must meet modern standards like accessibility, sustainability, and bird-proofing.
  4. Rigid ideas about the built environment limit conversion.
  5. Building codes, zoning, neighbors, and state laws all limit conversion.

India: Surprising Striver in Space Business (link)

  1. India has 140 registered space-tech start-ups.
  2. India's space ambitions have been revived.
  3. Space technology is used for commercial purposes.
  4. India opened its space sector to private enterprise in 2020.
  5. Space start-ups raised $120 million in investment in 2020.

Celebrating 400 Years of Byrd: Father of Musick (link)

  1. William Byrd was a miniaturist composer and jigsaw puzzle master.
  2. He wrote for virginal, consort song and choral music.
  3. He was stubborn and litigious due to religious and professional opposition.
  4. He was born around 1540 into a family of "gentlemen".
  5. He was a Catholic living under Protestant rule of Queen Elizabeth I.

. I was really struck by the way he was able to articulate a lot of emotion with just a few notes. It was really quite simple, but it was (link)

  1. William Byrd's works remain influential in classical music today.
  2. Roxanna Panufnik composed a "Kyrie After Byrd" in 2014.
  3. James MacMillan first sang Byrd's music as a teenager.
  4. Byrd and Tallis composed in dangerous times for Catholics.
  5. Caroline Shaw won the Pulitzer Prize for "Partita for 8 Voices" which carries traces of Byrd's style.

A New Golden Age of Texas BBQ (link)

  1. Texas BBQ is a malleable cuisine open to newcomers.
  2. It includes Black, Mexican American, and other styles.
  3. Lockhart is the BBQ Capital of Texas.
  4. Barbs-B-Q is challenging assumptions about BBQ.
  5. It nods to American BBQ's Indigenous and African origins.

Putin's Beast: Reining in Wagner's Global Influence (link)

  1. Yevgeny Prigozhin's private army, Wagner, has been used by Russia to secure resources and project influence.
  2. Putin proclaimed Wagner was funded by the Russian state after failed mutiny.
  3. Wagner mercenaries can sign a contract with the Russian military or join Prigozhin in exile.
  4. Wagner has a reputation for brutality and is accused of war crimes.
  5. Russia is reassuring client states that there will be no disruption in Russian assistance.

Rupert Murdoch: Unstoppable Power (link)

  1. Rupert Murdoch, 92, controls Fox Corporation and News Corp.
  2. Dual-class stock structure gives Murdoch largest voting stakes.
  3. Fox News' Tucker Carlson fired without cause.
  4. Murdoch's attempted merger of Fox and News Corp failed.
  5. Lachlan Murdoch defends Fox and Dominion settlement.

Unearthing America's Founding: Slavery & the Declaration of Independence (link)

  1. Declaration of Independence stands for absolute human equality.
  2. Political, ideological and social developments shaped understanding of Declaration.
  3. Fight to end slavery shaped understanding of Declaration.
  4. Abolitionists used Declaration to fight slavery.
  5. Declaration used to assert African's right to liberty.

Ordinary & Extraordinary Abortion Stories: Why They Matter (link)

  1. Start with a story to change minds.
  2. 1 million abortions occur in the US yearly.
  3. Ordinary abortion stories humanize the experience.
  4. Extraordinary abortion stories illustrate the range of diagnoses, exam findings and procedures.
  5. Extraordinary stories remind us of life and death implications of pregnancy.

25 Must-Read Stories for 4th of July (link)

  1. 25 stories from The Times this year selected by editors.
  2. Language of therapy has taken over dating.
  3. Divorce celebrated in Mauritania.
  4. AI writing campaign emails.
  5. U.S. government hiring for Capitol complex job.

Room Ready: Hotel Strike in L.A. (link)

  1. 15,000 hotel workers across LA are on strike.
  2. Strike coincides with July 4th holiday weekend.
  3. Workers demand higher pay and better benefits.
  4. Strike is supported by the community.
  5. Guests experience minor inconveniences.

Samsung's AI Push: Betting Big on Generative A.I. (link)

  1. Foreign investors betting on A.I. are buying Samsung shares.
  2. Nvidia's shares up 200% this year.
  3. Samsung has world's largest memory chip business.
  4. Samsung investing $7.4B in chip business for A.I.
  5. Samsung has 45% of global DRAM market.

Amsterdam Red-Light District: New Rules, Mixed Reactions (link)

  1. Amsterdam seeks to reduce tourist activity in red-light district.
  2. New regulations set earlier closing times, ban marijuana smoking.
  3. Sex workers oppose new rules, say they compromise safety.
  4. City has long sought to make neighborhood more livable for locals.
  5. Mayor proposes legal prostitution in another neighborhood.

@brysontaylor Title: Supermoon: Missed Monday Night? We've Got You Covered. (link)

  1. July's full moon is also called the buck moon.
  2. Supermoon is about 17% larger and 30% brighter than a full moon.
  3. Native American tribes gave names to each moon.
  4. Monday night's supermoon was the first of four this year.
  5. Last August's supermoon thrilled stargazers.

Exploring Scotland's Reimagined Traditions (link)

  1. Tartan is a symbol of Scotland and rebellion.
  2. "Outlander" has increased tourism in Scotland.
  3. Cool-kid chefs are turning local bounty into Michelin-worthy dishes.
  4. Women-helmed whisky start-ups are on the rise.
  5. Fhior restaurant offers haute cuisine with a casual vibe.